Why ProCom

Why ProCom

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Reasonable Workload

ProCom’s biggest differentiator is the number of associations assigned to each manager. Our managers are assigned up to five associations, and senior managers are assigned up to seven (with a dedicated assistant). Most management companies assign 12, 15, or even 20 associations to their managers, with limited support.

This is the number one reason why our competitors fail to meet their Boards’ expectations. Their managers do not have the time to manage double-digit communities on their own. This results in unhappy Boards, angry homeowners, manager burnout, and high turnover.

ProCom managers are set up for success by being assigned a reasonable workload. This allows our managers to provide the high level of service that our clients deserve and expect. Our Boards are happy, our communities thrive, and our managers are proud to be a part of this success. Our communities retain their manager’s institutional knowledge, and ProCom retains its best and brightest for the long term.

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Focus On HOAs

Due to unique language in the Maryland Condominium Act, condominium management is significantly more labor intensive compared to similarly sized homeowners associations (“HOAs”). Because of this, ProCom made the business decision to specialize in the management of HOA’s and to reduce our overall number of condominiums. This, coupled with the reasonable workload assigned to each manager, assures that your community will get the prompt and professional attention that it needs.

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Support & Quality Control

ProCom managers have true support from above and below. Our managers report to an Operations Supervisor and have support from Assistant Managers to help with their daily tasks.

ProCom supervisors do not manage any associations. Instead, their sole responsibility is to provide the guidance and supervision to their team of managers, which assures that we meet or exceed the Board’s expectations. When we claim to provide our clients with not just a manager, but a management team, we mean it!

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Training & Development

ProCom managers are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Regardless of their prior experience, new hires spend the first two months completing a 40-plus topic in-house training program. In addition, all managers attend a weekly in-house, interactive continuing education training session. This is when internal processes, management strategies, and industry best practices are discussed and reviewed.

ProCom is a proud member of the Community Association Institute (“CAI”). In recognition of our commitment to serving community associations in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner, ProCom has been awarded the designation of Accredited Association Management Company (“AAMC”).

ProCom places great value on CAI’s continuing education programs and the related industry designations. ProCom not only encourages, but requires its managers to work towards obtaining the Certified Manager of Community Associations (“CMCA”), the Association Management Specialist (“AMS”), and the Professional Community Association Manager (“PCAM”) designations. To obtain these highly sought after designations, managers must successfully complete numerous CAI classes, pass rigorous exams, attend seminars, and be active in the local and/or national CAI chapters. ProCom pays for ALL costs related to the achievement and maintenance of these designations.

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Response Time

One of the most common complaints we hear from new clients is that it was difficult, if not impossible, to get a timely response from their prior management company. You will never have that problem with ProCom. We return all phone calls and reply to all e-mails within 24 hours or the next business day.

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ProCom uses CINC Systems, the industry leader in cloud-based community association management software.  This includes a homeowner and board portal at no additional charge.

Owners are able to self-register for the portal, and once logged in, they can view their account history, pay assessments, submit architectural change requests, submit work orders, access association documents, respond to violations, and update their profile.  Board members are given higher-level access and can view financial reports, check the status of open violations and work orders, review and vote on architectural requests, and send e-blasts.  Anyone registered for the portal can opt to receive statements and correspondence electronically rather than through the USPS.  This will reduce the association’s administrative costs.

ProCom logs all telephone calls so that we have a date and time stamped record of every conversation.

ProCom employees can perform 100% of their duties remotely if need be.  All E-Mails and files are kept securely in the cloud either in Microsoft 365 or in CINC.  ProCom follows industry best practices when it comes to IT security, and all files are backed up off-site daily.